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Rooftop cocktail bar + live music

Enjoy live music at the Hotel Mediterraneo’s Vista Sky Bar with wonderful views of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. This rooftop bar provides a perfect spot to watch a glorious sunset with live music, cocktails and finger food to help ensure a relaxing evening.

May to October. Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun from 7.00 pm to 11.30 pm.

The Mediterraneo is a pleasant 25 minute level walk from the centre of Sorrento through a residential area.

Non guests are welcome but we highly recommend booking in advance. Please note that a table and sofa reservation could be subject to minimum spending.

Booking enquiries

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Prosit | Full of local flavour

Prosit, an abbreviation of (Prosciutteria and Italiana), is located on the quieter part of the Corso Italia just beyond the Villa Fiorentino. Racks of Parma ham and a cold counter full of traditional meats and cheeses may lead you to believe this is just a shop for local produce. Indeed it will be no surprise to learn that the Pollio family, owners of this new venture, have been involved in providing quality food to Sorrento since 1939 and in the late 60’s introduced the first “modern” supermarket in the whole Peninsula.

The quality and presentation of produce, from a charcuterie board to a full course menu, reflects three generations of sourcing and preparation of the finest local ingredients. With such an excellent selection of regional meats, cheeses and wine, Prosit offers visitors the opportunity to sample the very best of local produce in comfortable surroundings.

Traditional craftsmanship and materials have been used to create eating environments suitable for different occasions, friendly informal or more intimate. Perhaps a charcuterie board or simple pasta in the upstairs dining area or a more substantial lunch or dinner in the downstairs restaurant. Whichever you choose, the bar will always be on hand to serve a cool beer, glass of wine or cocktail… Mine’s an Old Fashioned. Salut!

Prosit Cocktail Bar Sorrento

8 Corso Italia

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SyArt Contemporary Art Gallery

SyART is a gallery dedicated to the promotion of up and coming contemporary artists, national and international, and is located at the entrance of the Villa Comunale in the heart of Sorrento. With visitors from all over the world, Sorrento offers artists a perfect location from which to showcase their work.

Many of these works are for sale directly from the gallery with packaging and delivery arranged if required. A wider selection is also available online under the title Affordable Art with prices from 250.00 euros.

Artist: Antonio Di Viccaro
Artist: Emanuel Zoncato

SyArt’s influence extends beyond the gallery’s four walls with works of art erected in public places, or Sorrento’s Open Museum, such as Piazza Sant’Antonino pictured below. Art installations can also be found in hotels and restaurants, examples being the Il Buco restaurant, Art Restaurant CuCù and Antonino Esposito Pizza e Cucina.

Artist: Carmen Novaco

The gallery is also the driving force behind the SyArt Festival and 2023 sees its seventh year and takes place at the beautiful Villa Fiorentino from June to October. Rossella Savarese and Leone Cappiello organise the festival and are responsible for its promotion nationally and internationally. Their vision and passion for contemporary art together with support from the Sorrento Foundation and like minded partners have resulted in the festival attracting worldwide attention.

Rossella Savarese: Gallery manager & Art Curator
Leone Cappiello: Founder

This recognition is demonstrated by the number of artists from many countries submitting their work for the opportunity to exhibit at the festival. Successful entries not only benefit from the associated publicity and public wiewing but also for continued exposure in the SyArt Gallery long after the event. It has become evident that the SyArt Gallery and Festival are ‘must see’ attractions for visitors and sit perfectly with Sorrento’s art and cultural heritage. Incidentally, SyART is an acronym for Sorrento Young ART.

You will find more information about Rossella and Leone, the Gallery, artists and online Affordable Art at SyArt Gallery

Festival details can be viewed at SyArt Festival

Fiore Fashion

“A passion that has become work, the search for the perfect outfit among new trends and a pinch of classicism. We help you choose the garments that suit your style whether casual, classic or youthful.
My ideal clients are between 18 and 90 years old!”

Antonella’s family has had a retail outlet in Sorrento for 50+ years, originally selling furniture and household accessories. As the needs and expectations of the local community changed together with an ever increasing tourist market, so did the business. The family’s younger generation rose to the challenge and opportunities this presented by establishing Fiore Fashion.

While the products being sold may have changed the one important thing that hasn’t is the personal service. This is reflected in the continued support from the local clientele and worldwide visitors who maintain contact and supply through Antonella’s strong social media presence and online store.

Patrizia Pepe, Sandro Ferrone, Le Streghe, Kontatto, Albano and Hinnominate are just some of the influential designer labels that Antonella brings to her clientele and gained her a reputation for traditional and ‘personal statement’ collections, for all ages and occasions. The above outfit has shoes from Albano, clothes from Kate by Laltramoda and Penny Black.

Fiore Fashion
Corso Italia 210

Sorrento Wine tours and tasting

This tailor-made 8 day Wine themed holiday offers an exclusive opportunity to visit wineries in the Campania region to taste some of its most famous wines. From Sorrento you will experience vines on the slopes of Vesuvius, inland towards Avellino and the Apennine mountains and on terraces perched high above the Amalfi coast, each location as unique as the wines themselves.

Full itinerary and availability here

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Chef Carmen

Chef Carmen is a trained Master Chef with many years of experience and passion. The school was featured in the American Food Network’s “Recipe for Success”, as one of the most successful cooking vacation in the South of Italy and is considered to be a leader

Chef Carmen offers cooking classes for visitors to Sorrento with a range of traditional Neapolitan meals in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere with humour, patience and boundless energy making the experience even more enjoyable.

Here we see her making a Fettuccine alla bolognese from the kitchen of her Cooking School in Sorrento. Buon appetito!

Chef Carmen Cooking School
Corso Italia, 321

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Autori Capresi Exclusive Linen

Cool linen and a warm welcome

We first discovered Autori Capresi in June 2012 during a passiagata through the narrow streets of historic Sorrento. The shop entrance exuded coolness and drew you in from the sultry street air to appreciate a wonderful selection of exquisite and unique hand crafted clothing using the purest and lightest linen. The owner, Antonio Truppa, and his family are passionate about their linen and the production of high quality customised clothes and accessories.

Carefully selected hats, belts, scarves and sandals complement the linen colours and styles to keep you looking and feeling cool. There are outfits for all ages suitable for ‘lay back casual’ to ‘smart casual’ occasions. Perfect for your Neapolitan Riviera vacation and irresistible presents for the grand children!


Not surprisingly such originality and quality have attracted a worldwide following with visitors becoming members of an exclusive client base. Demand from the Sorrento and Capri outlets together with customised orders from existing clientele means there is no online store. All the more reason to add Autori Caprese to your ‘must see’ list during a visit Sorrento or Capri.

Editor’s Note
Autori Capresi launched their new website and online store in January 2023.
Here it is!

Further examples from the Autori Capresi collections can be seen on their promotional video below, instagram and facebook.


Sorrento: Via P. R. Giuliani 21
Capri: Via Fuorlovado 5