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Online Window Shopping in Sorrento

Online Shopping Sorrento

Sorrento Shopping Online

Many boutiques and designer outlets on the Amalfi Coast have online stores, and we’ve chosen some of our favourites. Browse the Autumn-Winter collections for your next outfit or find a present for a loved one.

Exclusive shopping holiday sorrento

Fiore Fashion

“A passion that has become work, the search for the perfect outfit among new trends and a pinch of classicism. We help you choose the garments that suit your style whether casual, classic or youthful.
My ideal clients are between 18 and 90 years old!”

Antonella’s family has had a retail outlet in Sorrento for 50+ years, originally selling furniture and household accessories. As the needs and expectations of the local community changed together with an ever increasing tourist market, so did the business. The family’s younger generation rose to the challenge and opportunities this presented by establishing Fiore Fashion.

While the products being sold may have changed the one important thing that hasn’t is the personal service. This is reflected in the continued support from the local clientele and worldwide visitors who maintain contact and supply through Antonella’s strong social media presence and online store.

Patrizia Pepe, Sandro Ferrone, Le Streghe, Kontatto, Albano and Hinnominate are just some of the influential designer labels that Antonella brings to her clientele and gained her a reputation for traditional and ‘personal statement’ collections, for all ages and occasions. The above outfit has shoes from Albano, clothes from Kate by Laltramoda and Penny Black.

Fiore Fashion
Corso Italia 210

Corso Italia Menswear

Corso Italia is an Italian brand that adapts the tradition of Neapolitan tailoring to the needs of modern life. Its latest range of clothing and accessories can be viewed online and ‘tried on’ at its outlet on Sorrento’s high street. Yes, Corso Italia on Corso Italia.

Corso Italia Online store

Sorrento Exclusive Holidays

158 Studio | Contemporary jewellery

Serpent earring from 158 Studio in Sorrento
158 Studio is located in the heart of historic Sorrento and brings together a collection of contemporary jewellery from leading Italian designers including Co.Ro.Jewels, Cristina Fava, Francesca Bianchi, Vitti Ferria Contin, Dario Scapitta and many more. Patterns and textures found in natural and man made materials provide the inspiration for many of the pieces on display.

158 Studio bracelet
158 Studio bracelet

Some of the creations are miniature sculptures and works of art in their own right. Everyday materials are transformed into decorative pieces with colours, shapes, patterns and textures emphasised to create a unique fashion accessory. The latest technology using 3D printed Nylon brings lightness and flexibility to others.

158 Studio necklace
158 Studio necklace

More traditional materials of gold, silver, pearls and gem stones are also used to produce a range of contemporary fashion jewellery suitable for all occasions and moods. There is a wonderful diversity of innovative designs, each one a statement piece reflecting the personality of the person who wears it. What statement would you like to make?

158 Studio Ring
158 Studio Earring
Nicoletta Passarelli in 158 Studio

158 Studio
Nicoletta Passarelli will be pleased to show the latest designer collections during your visit to Sorrento. Until then you can view and purchase items on line.

More examples are on display on Instagram and Facebook.

158 Studio
Via San Francesco, 21

Art jewellery by Daniela Pollio

From Daniela Pollio’s studio flows a wealth of creative art jewellery and miniature sculptures. Creations that could easily have fallen out of story book illustrations and dreams, or uncovered from mystical places and long forgotten civilisations. This video by Daniela displays some of her sculptures and you can see wonderful photos of these and art jewellery on her social media pages, links provided below.

Ping Art Jewellery Sorrento

Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, keyrings and miniatures all seem to have an affiliation with ‘earth’ and ‘people’. Inspiration comes from nature, books and everyday life, including the digital age. Each item lovingly put together and crying out to tell you about itself. Visit the studio, select the piece that captures your imagination and let its story unfold when admirers enquire. Its all part of the experience.

Grimilde & Mufasa
Grimilde is the Whitesnow’s stepmother, Mufasa is the Simba’s dad. The collection is dedicated to the pleasure of reading. A king and his Queen live in a cottage not a castle, with a lot of flowers with human faces. The crowns are on simple chairs not thrones. All the things go out of the books and materialise.
Daniela Pollio

Ping Art Jewellery Sorrento

You can view Daniela’s collections of art jewellery and miniatures on her Instagram and Facebook pages.
For contact information visit her Website


Ballerì – Shoes with a zest for life

Balleri shoes in Sorrento

Ballerì offers a range of ballet flats hand crafted in Naples with the finest materials. Creative designs by the owner, Gaia de Lizza, encapsulate the colours, traditions and styles reminiscent of the Neapolitan Riviera to match the mood and occasion of the day, be it playful, chic or just chilling out.

The quality of materials and workmanship together with innovative designs lift these flat shoes to a higher level. The Ballerì collections offer a choice suitable for all holiday activities and occasions, from beach party to restaurants or classical concerts.

Balleri shoes Sorrento

Lemon Soul Collection
This is Ballerì’s signature collection with embroidered lemon icons presented on satin and printed cottons in various styles. The range includes sling back, cross and ankle band. Perfect for the holiday spirit and as a reminder of good times on your return.

Eleonora Collection
Ideal for smart casual occasions such as concerts, cocktails, dinners and of course la passeggiata (traditional Italian evening stroll) to see and be seen. Available in suede or leather in different colours.


Carla Collection
Less formal and possibly more casual smart, this round toe style is also available in suede or leather in a choice of colours. Cocktails on the terrace anyone?

Ballerì Boutiques
The Sorrento boutique is just off the main square, Piazza Tasso, but if you can’t wait until your vacation then visit Ballerì’s Online store. This shows the full range of styles and colours to help get you in the holiday mood.

Sorrento: Corso Italia 187
Naples: Via Carlo Poerio 97

Balleri Boutique Sorrento

Autori Capresi Exclusive Linen

Cool linen and a warm welcome

We first discovered Autori Capresi in June 2012 during a passiagata through the narrow streets of historic Sorrento. The shop entrance exuded coolness and drew you in from the sultry street air to appreciate a wonderful selection of exquisite and unique hand crafted clothing using the purest and lightest linen. The owner, Antonio Truppa, and his family are passionate about their linen and the production of high quality customised clothes and accessories.

Carefully selected hats, belts, scarves and sandals complement the linen colours and styles to keep you looking and feeling cool. There are outfits for all ages suitable for ‘lay back casual’ to ‘smart casual’ occasions. Perfect for your Neapolitan Riviera vacation and irresistible presents for the grand children!


Not surprisingly such originality and quality have attracted a worldwide following with visitors becoming members of an exclusive client base. Demand from the Sorrento and Capri outlets together with customised orders from existing clientele means there is no online store. All the more reason to add Autori Caprese to your ‘must see’ list during a visit Sorrento or Capri.

Editor’s Note
Autori Capresi launched their new website and online store in January 2023.
Here it is!

Further examples from the Autori Capresi collections can be seen on their promotional video below, instagram and facebook.


Sorrento: Via P. R. Giuliani 21
Capri: Via Fuorlovado 5