Caruso | Ravello

Caruso Hotel Ravello

If you were to walk the ‘paths of the Gods’ above the Amalfi coast and find yourselves in the 5* Caruso then you could be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled upon their resting place. It does not require much imagination to visualise the Gods sitting on the edge of this pool pondering the fate of us mere mortals below. As you walk through the hotel and its gardens you half expect to meet toga clad guests around each column. It is impossible not be intoxicated by this blend of historical and natural surroundings which has made many mortals reach for pen and paper to attempt description. There is a viewing point just beyond the pool where you stand with the village of Scala to your left climbing up and up to the blue sky and to your right the valley drops down and down into the blue sea. The perfect spot to sip a Caruso Bellini made with the juice of fresh local peaches. Salute!

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