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“I already heard some enthusiastic reports about the pizza competition from my returning colleagues last Friday. In fact, some of them said it was their favourite part of the whole trip! I believe we were very lucky to have found your team – you have created a memorable evening for all participants. Many thanks to you and your whole team!”
Iris. Interact Programme. Vienna

Master Pizza Chef – Team Building Activity

On the 20th June 2017, Interact took advantage of an opportunity to share with its guests, an informal evening with live Neapolitan music, as the sun set on the Amalfi hills. In keeping with Interact’s slogan ‘cooperation works’, each guest was part of a team aiming to create the Perfect Pizza

The four teams were made up of members from different European cities, and competing for the coveted title of ‘Interact Master Pizza Chefs’


16:30: Pizza Bus
Pick up from hotel in Maiori
Transfer to pizza making venue in the hills of Minori above Amalfi
Welcomed by the hosts with refreshments and snacks

17.00: The Teams
Group was divided into 4 teams with a ‘teacher’ for each team
There were 4 long tables, each with 13 work places (12 members + 1 teacher)

17:30: Pizza Class
Each team member made their own pizza dough under the teacher’s instruction

While the dough was proofing, the teams prepared pizza toppings using a variety of fresh ingredients, including the traditional tomato and mozzarella cheese

Pizza making table Pizza making dough

19:00: The Competition
Each team was asked to prepare and present two pizzas. These were then judged according to presentation, shape, topping, flavour and baking

20:00: Mangiamo!
While the jury was deliberating, everyone made their own pizza using the dough made during the class, using the selection of ingredients for toppings

Their pizzas were then cooked ready for the table, where the rewards of their work could be enjoyed together with a range of traditional home made produce. These included different kinds of tartine, vegetables with melted mozzarella, “crocchette” di pizza, bruschetta, dessert and of course…beverages

Pizza making oven Pizza

21.00: The Winners were….
The Orange Team

Interact Master Pizza Chefs 2017

23.00: Buona notte
After an evening of relaxation and traditional dancing under lemon pergolas with beautiful views of the Amalfi coast, the 46 Pizza Makers returned to the hotel.

A private cruise along the coastline was organised for the following day.

Play video of Pizza making competition.

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