Sorrento Hotels

Choosing and booking your hotel

There are 108 hotels (3* to 5*) plus many other types of accommodation in and around Sorrento which can make the task of choosing a daunting one, particularly with so many comparison sites and conflicting customer reviews online. However, we are pleased to offer visitors a simpler alternative to find the appropriate choice and best deal.

Friends of Sorrento offers members a hotel selection service based on personal preferences and budget requirements. This service is free and when a member decides to book directly with a recommended hotel we provide a discount voucher* to be used against any of our group excursions and activities. There are also the added advantages of paying at the end of the stay and attractive cancellation terms and with the increasing trend of hotels guaranteeing the best online deals, booking direct makes good sense.

We have highlighted a small selection of hotels which illustrate the range of styles available including traditional, contemporary and boutique, together with our own notes in terms of character, views and location. If any of these are of interest or you already have a preference please let us know on the enquiry form.

We have a close working relationship with many of the hotels, which has developed through personal contact with owners and managers over several years and are able to make enquiries direct on your behalf.

* Dependent on the hotel selected and conditional on the hotel being advised at the time of booking that you are a member of Friends of Sorrento.

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