Le Sirenuse Hotel Positano

Le Sirenuse sits like a Royal box over-looking the natural stage of Positano on the Amalfi coast. The position alone is enough to attract visitors from all aver the world and the mythology behind the name adds another dimension. Le Sirenuse is the name given to a small group of islands off the Amalfi Coast and visible from Positano. The name, Sirenuse, refers to the mythological sirens said to have lived there and whose music and song tempted passing ships to their destruction. Ancient stories depict the sirens as having bodies of a bird and human heads, but medieval interpretations of the stories depicted them as mermaids. The modern name of these islands is Li Galli or The Roosters, and refers to the bird-like form of the ancient sirens.

example of public rooms

As you would expect from a five star luxury hotel, the rooms, facilities and services meet the highest standards. However, walking through the corridors, public rooms and stairways you begin to appreciate the antique furniture, the photographs, paintings, table decorations, plants and flowers. Each having that personal touch in its selection and location and contributing to an overall feeling of visiting a family home rather than a hotel.
bathroom view of Le Galli
This individual touch is also clearly evident in each guest room with some providing additional delights such as the chance to lie in your bath and look directly out to the Amalfi sea and sky. You might even choose to read the Odyssey, looking up occasionally through a window like the above, to actually see Le Sirenuse or Li Galli islands, where the sirens lived. This is not by chance, but designed to give the guest every opportunity to relax and perhaps realise one their dreams.
Le Sirenuse pool
Not surprisingly, the pool and terraces provide wonderful views of Positano and the sea, but even when you have to turn your back on this vista you have a visually pleasing backcloth of the hotel itself. This presents a richness of colours from the architectural features and a wonderful range of foliage, plants and flowers. While your eyes enjoy this spectacle of form and colour you can even hear the waves on the shore. It is remarkably peaceful for such a central location.
rear of Le Sirenuse
At this point one begins to realise that a great deal of time and creative effort has been invested in making the hotel environment as pleasing as the natural one it overlooks. This effort goes beyond the boundaries of the hotel with an opportunity to enjoy sailing on the hotel's boat together with a picnic hamper for you to savour in a quiet cove somewhere on the coast or islands. Another dream come true.

Finally, there is the magical location and setting of the La Sponda restaurant, which every evening witnesses the lighting of 420 candles. This creates an enchanting, almost dreamlike atmosphere in which to enjoy your company and share the finest wine and food. It takes the romantic candle lit dinner to another level La Sponda restaurant
It is this dedication to detail, to the creation of atmospheres and environments that helps make a guest relax from the moment of arrival to departure. It is not one or two features, but a blend of many which gently change as the day progresses. Since 1951 the Sersale family have succeeded, and continue to succeed, in making dreams come true for many of their guests. Unlike Odysseus, visitors can safely succumb to the temptations of the 'call' of Le Sirenuse.

Richard Edwards MA
© 2009

Le Sirenuse Hotel Positano
interior decoration
typical example of the carefully selected interior decorations unique deco and furnishings
each room and suite has its own unique deco and furnishings view from window
virtually each window frames a beautiful view detail of mosaic from pool
close up of the mosaic wall at the
far end of the pool typical balcony view
view of Positano from one of
the many balconies Emporio Le Sirenuse
Emporio Le Sirenuse
exclusive store and boutique Le Sirenuse spa entrance to spa and fitness rooms based on a nautical theme some of the 420 candles
close up of some of the
420 candles lit every evening

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