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Capri Palace has an open plan art gallery with modern works from Italian and International artists. Guests can view these from the comfort of lounge armchairs or bar stools. More importantly it sets the mood for the hotel where creativity and innovation permeates its entire fabric. The suites include works of art and are works of art in themselves, the preparation and presentation of food is a creative process. The Spa offers modern and innovative body treatments recognised by professional athletes and celebrities. Its fashion boutiques already have tomorrow's styles. It is a place of self confidence that does not rely on its location for patronage but on individualistic style and service. The fact it is located on one of the most beautiful islands in the world is a bonus.

art gallery and examples of collection

The 'gallery' has a collection of works by contemporary artists put together by the owner Tonino Cacace, whose love of art is further demonstrated by the decor themes used in a number of suites inspired by modern artists such as Warhol and Magritte, including private pools with images of famous paintings copied onto the pool's floor. Mondrian, Mirò and Kandinskji have they styles reflected in the interior design and colour schemes. Marilyn Monroe, Hepburn, Callas and other iconic celebrities have their portraits and 'character' defining the mood of the 'Star' suites.
room contemporaryroom traditional
All the suites and rooms are fine examples of interior design incorporating the latest fashion, style and technology that create environments, contemporary and more traditionalist, to satisfy a broad range of taste. These styles continue seamlessly into the private gardens and balcony areas.

The Michelin two star rated L'Olivo restaurant is another source of inspiration, not only in the creation of superb menus with Caprese recipes, but with other touches to help guests enjoy a complete gastronomic and social experience. The glasses are produced by Moretti in Murano glass and the dishes are hand made, wool and cashmere fabrics are used on the furnishings, the decor and lighting is designed to highlight the colours and textures of the individual dishes served. It is symptomatic of the attention to detail throughout the hotel.
L'Olivo restaurantdishes
The main pool replicates the design of emperor Tibierus's pool, on whose villa foundations now stands the hotel, and the glass walls of the pool form a section of a covered walkway leading up to the hotel itself. The pool area also sets the scene for enjoying al fresco dinners and a Mediterranean sunset in Il Mosaico restaurant.

Supplementary activities include the use of a sailing boat and power boat, sunset boat trips, romantic picnics, handmade sandals and of course, watercolour painting classes.
Il Mosaico pool side restaurant
However, the activity that makes a significant contribution to the hotel's international reputation is the Beauty Farm, which offers a wide range of innovative treatments and therapy programs.

Cleansing and personalised physical rejuvenation treatments start with 30 minute sessions and progress to intensive managed programmes lasting several days. These programmes include cardiovascular risk assessment and lifestyle proposals, metabolism assessment for personalised physical activity and diet regimes, leg treatments, general wellbeing and rejuvenation. To fully appreciate the services provided, which go well beyond those offered by many other hotels, it is suggested you visit the website.

For those who seek it, Capri Palace provides a bastion for stimulating appreciative minds and rejuvenating tired bodies.

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Capri Palace Hotel & Spa
Andy Warhol suite
detail of paintings from the
Andy Warhol suite Adjani suite
detail of wall panel from
the Adjani suitethe Magritte private pool
private pool with copy of a
Magritte painting on its floor restaurant dishes
examples of styles found
in L'Olivo restaurant Capricorn, one of hotel's boats
the Capricorn, one of
Capri Palace's boats to enjoy onsite boutiques some of the international
brands within the boutique the Beauty Farm
part of the Beauty Farm's
specialist treatment facilities

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