Tastes of Sorrento

An itinerary offering many opportunities to taste traditional meals and local produce as well as eating out in michelin star restaurants. Visits include vineyards, limoncello liquer producers, mozzarella cheese producers and of course pizzas from the the pizza capital.... Naples.This itinerary aims to show you what is available in Sorrento and is totally flexible and interchangeable with our other itineraries: Romantic, History and Art, Relaxing, Exploring, Music, A touch of luxury. Optional extras such as additional excursions and concert tickets are also available, see below.

Naples to Sorrento transfersDay One
Arrive at your hotel for a complimentary drink on the terrace to help you relax and begin to appreciate the beauty of Sorrento and the Bay of Naples. Depending on flight times you may have the chance to enjoy some sun, or even a stroll into Sorrento's main square for an aperitif.
Sorrento art, Marameo Beach RestaurantDay Two
A relaxing morning by the pool to soak up the sun's vitamin D as you enjoy a G & T. In the afternoon stroll down to the Marina Grande harbour to taste a fresh fish meal in one of the restaurants on the water's edge or on one of the private bathing platforms where you can also sunbathe and swim.
AmalfiDay Three
A tour along the Amalfi coast road to enjoy its breathtaking views with visits to Amalfi and Ravello. A chance to explore both towns with time for a quiet coffee and traditional lunch in a local trattoria. Return to Sorrento in time for an aperitif by the pool or on the terrace before the evening meal.
Sorrento cooking courseDay Four
A half day cooking lesson in the Sorrento Cooking School will provide some of the secrets of making a traditional Neapolitan dish. Return to the hotel to relax for the remaining afternoon and in the evening explore Sorrento's narrow streets to discover hidden and intimate restaurants.
Sorrento local produceDay Five
Sample some of the local produce with visits to a vineyard, or lemon grove to see the production of Limoncello, or the making of Mozzarella cheese. If your visit coincides with one of the festivals you will get the opportunity to taste local produce as well as experience traditional activities.
NaplesDay Six
A trip to Naples Museum with its collection of artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum, visit the shops and taste an authentic Neapolitan pizza in the pizza capital of the world. When you return to Sorrento the smell of wood burning stoves will soon give you an appetite for the evening.
Sorrento restaurantsDay Seven
The last opportunity to catch the sun, do some last minute shopping before getting ready for a truly gastronomic experience at one of Sorrento's top restaurants. Complete the evening with a 'passeggiata' or sit to enjoy a cool glass of prosciutto watching Sorrento relax and live the life.
Vesuvius from Marina Grande SorrentoDay Eight
Last chance to enjoy the views before returning home to try out your Neapolitan cooking skills.
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